I got my first great dane from a home for animals in 1987. At this time, I didn´t know anything about this dogs.Laika was an gentle and agreeable dog who got on well with my german short-hair bitch.

This originated my love in great danes.


As Laika died, I immediately had to get a new great dane. In 1991 I got my first puppy, naturally a harlequin one ! The little bitch was so beautiful, that we decided to try our luck on shows. With great success !

For this I had the wish, to get puppies from my bitch Caprice I got a notification for breeding at the German Great Danes Association (Deutsche Doggen Club). Though I tried to breed Caprice a several times, she had no puppies. With a lucky chance I got a 2-year old harlequin bitch. With her I tried again - with success!

My Destiny got her first puppies in the year 1994. I decided to keep Althea, a harlequin bitch. Out of the second litter, 1996, I kept Benares, an harlequin male, and Becky, a black bitch.

The most important attributes of my great danes are gentleness and attachment. I will build up on this attributes in the future. I hope, health and a long life will add.

Not all of our dogs live in the house, but in close contact with us. Several times they can run an play on our meadow (3400 square yards).

Visitors are very welcome for the danes, especially when they bring a titbit for them. Our puppies get born in our house and stay there until an age of 5 weeks then they come in. After this time they get outside into a kennel with a fenced area.